Closeup of girl with red hair and blue eyes, face is illuminated

Ice and Fire

Ice and Fire

“Fire..” I squeaked out hoarsely “12 Hayes Place, my boys are upstairs…please help”

“I’m dispatching the responders now.  What’s your name, please?”

“Seraphi-” A crash and a muffled scream filtered through the smoke “HURRY – MY BOYS ARE UPSTAIRS – I HAVE TO FIND THEM” I yelled into the phone and shoved it into my bra. I could hear the far away sounds of the operator trying to ask me questions.

Pressing my face to the tile, desperate for oxygen, I attempted a clean breath. “I am crawling on the floor to – front of the house – stairs there – just heard a crash.  Tell them… the stairs are to the right… inside the door.  Please save my boys…”

The operator yelled loudly so I could hear “GET OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW!”

The phone fell and skittered into the darkness under the sink.  I pulled the towel off the rack and kneeled up just enough to turn on the tap and soak it for draping over my head.  The wail of sirens swirled in my head as my body shut down and everything went black.

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